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  • how to use a tech app?

    Recently, I bought the product with some tags, and labels at which there is a unique QR code on every product from the website company name FOUND ME. ...

    CailySmith | Latest reply: CailySmith Sep 23
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  • Reset call barring Closed

    Hello, I forgot my call barring code for my Vodafone. when i try to "cancel all call barring" it requests the call barring password. The problem per...

    Oageng | Latest reply: HelpiOS Sep 16
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  • My account stolen

    Hello, Someone take my account and change the password and data  My account was ***@***

    Zeyad | Latest reply: Zeyad Sep 06
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  • Samsung A12 unlock with no data loss

    Hi, sadly my son (16yrs) passed away recently in an accident. I am trying to get every pictures and videos from his Samsung A12 to treasure every mome...

    Beansandegg | Latest reply: Beansandegg Sep 06
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  • Installing alight motion Closed

    Hello, Why my phone cannot install alightmotion? System Configuration: Android / Chrome 81.0.4044.138

    LaisaniLidia | Latest reply: Subhan Sep 05
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  • I can't delete or edit my micro SDcard.

    Hello, I can't delete or edit my micro SDcard. Is there any solution ? 

    abdullah | Latest reply: abdullah Aug 28
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  • Smart Device Insurance

    Hello, I am a clumsy person, often end up dropping my phone, tab, and break the screen. Is there an insurance or protection plan which can cover me o...

    david_lopez22 | Latest reply: david_lopez22 Aug 16
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  • Can Google make Android open source to closed source?

    Can Google make Android open source to closed source? If so, can someone else bring a new version of Android?

    Manik20451 | Latest reply: Manik20451 Aug 14
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  • my problem is my phone has outcall and outmassegas barring

    Hello, My problem is my phone has outcall and outmassagas barring

    Nightman | Latest reply: Gtip_8062 Aug 08
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  • How to disable Magazine lock screen on Infinix Zero 5 X603 Solved/Closed

    Hello to all, KIndly help. I am using Infinix Zero 5, model X603 and am unable to disable the magazine lock screen since there is no disabling toggle...

    Kiviangu | Latest reply: Kirubaharan Jul 30
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  • Disebel my account by mistake please recover my instagram ac

    Hello Facebook team my account has been disabled by mistake My request please activate on my account this is my personal account Username Kamalkuamr...

    Kama_lkumar7665 | Latest reply: Kama_lkumar7665 Jul 25
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  • Help me to fix my watch

    Hello, Please give me this firmware backup. Ilost my backup so i can't open my watch.

    Pbn8 | Latest reply: Pbn8 Jul 17
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  • Incoming Call Ringtone Solved

    Hello everyone, I'm having a problem, when my interlocutor wants to call me they go directly to my inbox and I don't hear the ringtone. Download what...

    Maxhood | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 14
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  • Galaxy note 9 forgot pin can't enter code?

    Hello, Forgot pin on Galaxy note 9. Tried doing the code but since the phone is locked it won't let me dial/call the code.....please help ???? ...

    Becky | Latest reply: Becky Jun 25
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  • Lost my SIM card

    Today I lost my phone and my SIM card was on it and it contains all my documents can I recover my lost SIM card number

    saswat_0011 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 19
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  • How do I enable developer option on my samsung device Solved/Closed

    Hello ! I am not able to enable developer option on my samsung device

    sanjaymetal08 | Latest reply: Gtip_8062 Jun 06
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  • Hello Guys!

    I am new on this forum. I have just join the forum for informational purposes. Hope you guys doing well.

    Kathrine_4733 | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 27
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  • Two factor authentication eneble on my Facebook account


    Mahesh | Latest reply: Mahesh May 22
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  • Forgot content lock password

    Hello, I forgot my gallery content lock password for my lg android phone. How can I reset or set a new password? Thanks for your time.

    Tee | Latest reply: Tee May 15
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  • What is the call barring password for Huawei Y5 2019

    Hello, I forgot my Huawei Y5 2019 call barring password

    Chebby | Latest reply: Chebby May 09
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  • Call barring password Closed

    My vivo 1816 is outgoing call barring password forget help me

    Piyushvsv | Latest reply: Ayaan May 08
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  • My berring code I want

    Hello, I Want my berring code

    Ayaan | Latest reply: Ayaan May 08
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  • No date visable

    In my main list of chats I have a contact, but on the right side there is no date viable. Normally I can see the date when we had contact for the last...

    bertmarinus | Latest reply: bertmarinus Apr 22
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  • my phone 10 version android...

    sometime when i install app a dialauge box "Tap here to see full screen" App close automatic after click 'Tap here to see full screen"

    Manik20451 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 12
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  • cant connect to internet or bluetooth on rca 6876 tablet

    internet says connected but cant download or access anything

    gail1967 | Latest reply: gail1967 Mar 27
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  • My Facebook account has been locked and coming confirm your

    Hello dear Facebook team my Facebook account has been locked it has a problem regarding confirm your identity I have nothing to confirm myself please ...

    Golukumar | Latest reply: Golukumar Mar 26
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  • welcome tune disable -Huawei gr5

    Hello, What is the code for disabling the Huawei welcome tune? Kathleen

    Kathleen | Latest reply: HelpiOS Mar 25
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  • Due to security key issue i can't log in my accont

    Hello ! Sir i cannot log in my facebook account due to security key issue i have not my previous phone that i had lost. and i bought a new mobi...

    Nizarahi | Latest reply: Nizarahi Mar 24
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  • I have same problem pls help me ig team

    Hello, I have same problem face. Pls help me ig team

    then_.i._am_... | Latest reply: then_.i._am_rudra_ Mar 19
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  • Hello Dear Facebook Team My Facebook account has been locked

    Hello Dear Facebook Team My Facebook account has been locked and Confirm Your Identity Option is coming on that account . I have nothing to confirm my...

    Solanki | Latest reply: Solanki Mar 09
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  • IG Upgrade for App

    Is there an upgrade for the Instagram app on my Android? My phone doesn't have as many enhancements as my daughters app does on her phone

    Thesavvysenior | Latest reply: Thesavvysenior Mar 02
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  • Pls help for security check code

    Hello Facebook team pls help.i can't login my Facebook account because my Facebook account is in security check.i can't get login code pls help.but I ...

    Methunkumarp... | Latest reply: Methunkumarpaswan Feb 15
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  • Samsung galaxy a22 vs a32

    Samsung galaxy a22 VS Samsung galaxy a32, which the best option for a Samsung user

    RicardoGarrett | Latest reply: RicardoGarrett Feb 14
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  • Factory reset phone,sign into Google acct says wrong passwor

    Hello, I factory reset my phone and when I tryd to sign into my Google account it keeps saying wrong password how can I sign into my account with my...

    Janelle | Latest reply: Janelle Feb 13
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  • Sir please my fb account reopen sir please

    Holle sir my Real facebook account in mistakley now sir i am Facing review requested problem in my facebook account for a long time. And I am already ...

    SathishDon | Latest reply: SathishDon Feb 13
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  • My account thanks has been locked it's my real account plz u

    Hello, My

    Mekal | Latest reply: Mekal Feb 13
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  • Facebook account blocked

    Hello, Please unlock my Facebook account I know violated your Facebook limit. Please I didn't know help me opening my Facebook account

    Mushesailas | Latest reply: Mushesailas Feb 13
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  • My Facebook account can't be logged in.

    My Facebook account can't be logged in. My account number is 9956827590 my problem is logine was not approvol please helf me

    Masoombabu | Latest reply: Masoombabu Feb 12
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  • Enable

    Hello, Shubam, you disagreed with the decision ON 10 FEBRUARY 2022 It usually takes us just over a day to review your information. Your acc...

    Shubambhagat | Latest reply: Shubambhagat Feb 10
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  • How to recover may account because my security i forget pls

    Hello, Dear Facebook Support Team, I have added two numbers to my Facebook account so I can't get the security code to log in to my account And curren...

    Leotabagan19 | Latest reply: Leotabagan19 Feb 10
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  • Hello po

    Hello, my account is has been locked

    KimberlyMira | Latest reply: KimberlyMira Feb 10
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  • unblock my facebook accunt

    Hello, Haresh, you disagreed with the decision ON 28 JANUARY 2022 It usually takes us just over a day to review your information. Your account ...

    hareshvaviya | Latest reply: hareshvaviya Feb 10
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  • Id blocked

    Hello, Hello Facebook Review Team, Sir Facebook Links is Not Working, Sir My Facebook Account is Suspended.I Submit My Suspended Account Recovery...

    12 | Latest reply: 12 Feb 09
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  • Guys I am not using hack and u have blocked my garena accoun

    I am not using any hack in my account when I was ready to open the game I find that tha game is not getting open when I find out my account in I'd che...

    Akhil | Latest reply: Akhil Feb 05
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  • Google Play Store is disappeared from smartphone Solved

    Hello, I am using a smartphone, and recently I noticed that my Google Play Store is missing from my phone. How can I get it back to my smartphone. ...

    Mushi23 | Latest reply: Mushi23 Jan 29
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  • Google couldn't verify that this belong to you

    Hello, Sir,  My google account 4months not login but issue of google account recovery couldnt belong to you  Recovery π g. Account thi...

    Farhan | Latest reply: Farhan Jan 19
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  • Delete email id how activet and rcover messages afte 2years

    Hello, Delete email id how activet and recover messages after 2 years

    meenavishwak... | Latest reply: meenavishwakarma Jan 19
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  • Is the GCam safe to use?

    Hello, I happen to come acros the Google camera app for my phone Poco X3. I got it in this link: Is ...

    danclay | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 19
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  • Call barring password reset

    Hello, I suspect that my call barring password has been blocked as i tried to enter multiole times unsuccessful? How do i unblock or reset my passw...

    Bwanyonyi | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 18
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  • My Gmail account black plz halp ***@***

    Hello, Hi plz my account open ***@***

    Salman.Malik | Latest reply: oliver701 Jan 15
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