The best high-tech beauty gadgets

Our skin and bodies are starting to resent the effects of stress throughout our daily lives. Therefore, in this article we show you our selection of the top beauty gadgets that you can offer to your friends or get for yourself.

Dyson Supersonic

Although Dyson is mostly known for their home appliances, the high end technology giant also has an extent gama of hair accessories. Designed to be used with any type of hair, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer makes everyone’s morning routine simple and fast, it’s powerful motor allows you to dry even the longest hair in 6 minutes. It's light and discreet and it has a comfortable handle that makes hair drying more effective. It also helps you create the style desired regardless of your curls or hair type, while keeping your hair smooth and shiny. It’s quite a common thing to get hair damage with often drying, but the Dyson Supersonic offers the same drying results while preventing damage and overheating in your hair. You can find it for $430 at Dyson or with some applied discounts at Walmart.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Sur Mesure

This revolutionary gadget from Yves Saint Laurent lets you create personalized lip balm shades that fit best your skin tone and hair color. You can connect your YSL Rouge Sur Mesure with the AI app of the same name and try the best lip shades on your lips before producing it. This futuristic gadget might be a solution for those of your friends that love various lipsticks and would love to experiment with colors and shades. You can pre-order it on the official website for $250.


NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

One of the leading companies in Beauty Care, NuFace meets the expertise of skincare with simple and user friendly beauty gadgets. Their latest release is the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device, which has been well received and has been named one of the best beauty products of the year. It’s advanced system of microcurrent pulsations has to be used only 5 minutes a day to massage your facial contours and revitalize your skin's appearance by stimulating your facial muscles. It shows immediate results and in the long run, it’ll show results in your fine lines and wrinkles. The NuFace Trinity includes a power adapter, charger, and a NuFace Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer to guarantee even faster results. You can find the NuFace Trinity for $299 and a more simpler and economic version The NuFace Mini for $199 at NuFace.

The Beauty Fridge

This is a necessary gift for those who stock a lot of cosmetics at home. This Beauty Fridge from Net-a-porter can extend the life of some of your beauty products, such as de-puffing masks, face mists, stone rollers, probiotics, and more. Moreover, it can be a stylish piece of furniture for your home. You can order it for $150 at net-a-porter website.

Foreo Luna

Foreo is a Swedish SkinCare brand characterized by their simple design and high quality results. Among their many beauty products and gadgets, this year, the Luna range introduces the Luna 3, a skincare gadget dedicated to those who don’t have a lot of time to keep up with a beauty routine. If you’re running around the city or leaving in a hurry from the gym, the sweat and dirt microcapsules of the environment often get caught on our skin, making it harder to purify, and obstruct the pores that consequently could generate breakouts or oily skin. In only three minutes, get a deep cleanse by firmly massaging your face with the pulsation of the Luna 3, it has different power modalities that can adjust to your needs, you can use it with the face products of your choice since it’s main objective is to remove all impurities accumulated throughout the day. You can find and Sephora for $199 or directly at Foreo.

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Braun Silk Expert Pro 3

Braun has always proven effective with the hair removal gadgets. This year, the Braun Silk expert 3 is no exception. Dermatologically approved, the Silk Expert removes hair uses IPL Technology for permanent hair removal and it takes only three months to see desirable results, unlike other hair removal techniques this one is pain free. It has an UV protections sensor that adapts to your skin tone and needs. It has a compact design and works fast even in the hardest areas. It’s $249.99 and you can find it at Target and Argos.

Mink Makeup Printer

Once somewhat unreal, the Mink Makeup Printer is now a reality. The compact machine is an instant makeup maker that can reproduce over 16 million colors taken from any image. How does it work? Simply look into any picture where you find colors that you’ll like to wear in your makeup, upload the image to the gadget via Wi-Fi to and get the impression in less that 15 seconds, the layer of color will come directly from the image giving you the possibility to play with any color shadow you want. It’s ingredients are safe to use and can be perfect for makeup applications and professionals, or even if you just want to play around to create your own personalized makeup palettes. It is compatible with any smartphone, compact and ready to use. You can pre-order directly on Mink for $295 and it’s market price will be of $395.

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